Why Geneva Health Files?

All Things Global Health in Geneva

Reported and Curated by Priti Patnaik

This is a modest effort, and a work in progress, to capture the confluence of health, trade and other interesting convergences in Geneva that give rise to a unique ecosystem that shapes the governance of global health.


  • Welcome to this pilot exercise, where I refashioned my website, to see how readers respond.
  • I primarily report on the politics of global health.
  • There is an effort to report about trade and health in a synergistic, inter-disciplinary manner.
  • I am also interested in writing about lobbying and transparency issues in global health.
  • The ultimate goal is to contribute to the accountability of global health actors in Geneva.

  • This is an independent initiative of a reporter trying to make it scalable and sustainable.
  • Do consider supporting Geneva Health Files. I seek to make this a reader-funded process to keep it going. You can also make a contribution at paypal.me/genevahealthfiles (You will need a paypal account to do so.)
  • I am also looking for other technical support, if you wish to help, please get in touch with me.